Analytics Advisory

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4 Analytics Advisory

Your data has a lot to say about your business. Collective dashboards and well-designed reports are the menisci that help leaders expand and explore their data from diverse perspectives and with better clarity. Encompassing data visualization, business intelligence (BI) platform tech, and rising progressive analytics system like machine learning and deep learning, ARTIFIQ Business Intelligence (BI) services and AI-enabled living dashboards provide clients dominant access to new insights and better informed decisions.

BI Audit & Program Management

The Business Intelligence Audit can discover very quickly where the bottlenecks and acceptance problems are, and if they have a technical or organizational (political) background. A typical Business Intelligence audit looks at the following aspects:

  • The response times when carrying out on-line analysis and the currency of the information;
  • The quality of both the data and the information;
  • The way in which the data is extracted from the source systems (ETL);
  • The way the information is visualized;
  • The structure of the users organization and their (real) requirements;
  • The way that the information which is produced actually fits the jobs and the responsibilities of the people that use it and need it, both management and staff;
  • The architecture of the Business Intelligence system including the data model;
  • The structure of the consolidations (OLAP cubes and aggregations);
  • The user and system documentation;
  • The manner in which the system is supported.

BI Maturity Assessment

A BI Maturity Assessment resolves what is the business need for BI, the understanding of business processes and practical systems to support BI, the level of breakthrough of current BI initiatives, future BI plans, and frameworks the necessary steps needed to make BI work.

A Business Intelligence Maturity Assessment helps companies to determine:

  • Business Need – Define what are the top business needs and demands for BI, as well as the benefits a BI program will bring to your company
  • Availability of Information – Whether the company has all the information they need to answer their current business questions and identify and easily support new business opportunities
  • Current Business Intelligence Capability – Assess the effectiveness of your BI organization and governance, identify current and future users of BI, assess the extent of transforming existing data into meaningful information, define standard KPIs and business transformation rules
  • Review of Current BI Systems – Including decision support, ad hoc query and reporting, analysis, forecasting, and data mining
  • Information Latency – How timely and up-to-date current information is and what gap analysis exists between current situation and future need