Power BI

Harnessing Power of the BI Suite

Power BI

We have extensive experience in implementing business analytics tools and products. We empower our clients to achieve success by becoming data drivenby harnessing power of the BI suite.

We consult, design and deliver innovative data analytics solutions using state-of-the-art Cloud technologies.

A Smarter Solution

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. It connects to hundreds of data sources, simplifies data preparation to drive ad hoc analysis.

Everybody can make customized dashboards and reports with an extraordinary, 360-degree perspective of their business and scale over the organisation, with administration and security worked in.

Breathe Life Into Your Data

Incorporate seamlessly with existing applications : The most prominent feature of Power BI is the data dashboards, which can be altered to meet the desired need of any enterprise. You can smoothly combine the dashboards and BI reports in the applications to make the user experience unified.

Make rich customized dashboards : The crowning feature of Power BI is the information dashboards, which can be customized to meet the exact need of any enterprise. You can easily embed the dashboards and BI reports in the applications to provide a unified user experience.

Security in publishing reports : The tool assists you to set up automated data and publish refreshed reports that allow the user to avail latest information.

Speedy and accurate extraction of business intelligence: Your enterprise data gets transformed into rich visuals, which helps in extracting business intelligence for intense decision making. .

Ally with varied data sources : Power BI brings along an extensive list of native connectors. Out-of-the-box excel spreadsheets on premise data sources, hadoop datasets, streaming data, cloud services and a lot more are provided by Power BI.

Reinforce advanced data services :Power BI apparatus can be incorporated with cutting edge cloud services like Cortana or Bot framework. Thereby, providing impressive outcome for verbal data queries initiated using natural language..

Why Work with us
  • We have a highly experienced team of certified business and technical consultants and our consulting team can assist on all stages of BI Journey – BI Assessment, BI road Map Creation, Tool Selection and Application development.
  • We have global customers across multiple industry verticals – Manufacturing, Pharma, Retail, Health Care to name a few.
  • Our implementation team ensures that your implementation, upgrade and migration projects are performed with the highest standard of quality, accuracy, and efficiency.